Our Cairns drones’ industrial asset inspections offer customers a range of benefits. They are cheaper, safer and better than coordinating internal operations which can be rigorous, hazardous and time-consuming. This is especially relevant to assets which are difficult and/or dangerous to access, due to height, location or placement. We combine the latest drone technology with high definition cameras and equipment to provide accurate visual documentation and comprehensive site inspections, right down to the smallest nuts and bolts. For more information or an obligation free quote and site inspection, contact Anthony at AAAE today.
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By choosing AAAE to complete your industrial asset inspection you can continue your operations, while we expertly maneuver our equipment around your asset. Avoid the need for shutdowns, scaffolding and more. We safely and efficiently complete inspections, providing you with a high definition recording and visual documentation for your plant and equipment. Call Anthony for a free quote on 0431 731 038.


Asset inspections are essential, but can be difficult and dangerous for people, especially when we’re talking about moving wind turbines, dam walls, power lines, high radio towers and damaged roof inspections. Our drones can get where you need them to be, hovering in and around to record even the smallest details, from serial numbers and corrosion to potentially catastrophic faults.


It’s all about using the latest technology to your advantage. Not only are you saving people, training and time, you’re receiving detailed, high definition visual documentation on the state of your asset which can be reviewed by maintenance personnel and kept on record for future comparison. Put simply, this is the best and safest way to complete industrial asset inspections.


We’re pleased to provide our specialist industrial asset inspections to a range of customers and industry. This includes but is not limited to local government, indigenous corporations, energy companies, water supply and utility, solar farms, wind farms, heritage structures, aging infrastructure and more. Based in Cairns, we complete industrial asset inspections across the city, Cape, State and Country with a passion for regional and remote work. We provide high definition documentation and archive footage, which can be referred to again and again for review and compare.


AAAE have the equipment, expertise and licensing to provide asset inspections for insurance assessments, safely and quickly. Our equipment can get where you need it to be, to document and inspect damaged property. This is particularly effective for damaged roof assessments. Our drones can fly over your roof, capturing multiple images which are then stitched together to provide a comprehensive aerial view. Zoom in to check the state of panels, or to closely view areas of concern.

Cairns Drones Industrial Asset Inspections


To tailor our services to meet your needs, product, asset and plant. To utilise the latest technology and high definition equipment, to provide superior visual documentation and results. To complete work in accordance with all relevant legislation and health and safety policies and procedures. To provide rapid turnaround and high quality post-production values. To work harder and go further, to deliver the Cairns drones’ industrial asset inspections you’re looking for. For more information contact Anthony on 0431 731 038 or or complete and submit our form.

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CASA certified and licenced with a passion for technology, precision, performance and perfection. We never stop learning.


The latest equipment, offering revolutionary technology including ground penetrating laser and thermal imaging.


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