AAAE has a fleet of quality UAV equipment, complemented with high definition cameras and software, to deliver outstanding results every time. Our powerful drones make aerial asset inspections, 3D mapping and laser scanning, a quick and cost-effective process. Our pilots have the necessary licences and certifications to safely and accurately complete project work, across the City, Cape, State or Country. A quick snapshot of some of our equipment is below. We’re always expanding our fleet to meet client and project needs, so contact us today to discuss your requirements. Call Anthony on 0431 731 038 or akemp@aaae.com.au


A perfect combination of size and power. The DJI Mavic Pro is easily transportable to regional and remote locations. It has 27 minutes of flight time, with a top speed of 65km/h and a 7km control range. The DJI digital camera of the Mavic Pro drone will produce high resolution 12 Megapixel photos and smooth 4K video at 30fps or 1080P HD footage at 96fps.


The DJI Matrice 600 Pro has been designed to provide outstanding, professional aerial photography and industrial asset inspection capabilities. The new dampening system enables precise control, providing accurate data for stable flight performance. The dustproof propulsion system makes it perfect for use in regional and remote outback areas.


Zenmuse produce the next evolution of aerial cameras, specifically designed and developed to provide superior results when paired with UAVs. AAAE have a Zenmuse X5, capable recording 4K videos at up to 30 fps and capturing still images at 16MP. We also have a Zenmuse Z30 which integrates with the DIJI Matrice to provide unparalleled image capture.


To use professional Cairns UAV equipment, cameras and software to deliver superior, professional results for all projects. We stay abreast of the latest technology, so you don’t have to. We have the licences and certifications to fly our drones, for your project. At AAAE we provide rapid turnaround and high quality post-production values. We work harder and go further, to ensure customer satisfaction and results. For more information contact Anthony on 0431 731 038 or akemp@aaae.com.au or complete and submit our form.

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CASA certified and licenced with a passion for technology, precision, performance and perfection. We never stop learning.


The latest equipment, offering revolutionary technology including ground penetrating laser and thermal imaging.


Are seeking professional services from an operator who is willing to go the extra mile, to achieve outstanding results.

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